Zero Tolerance Policy!

Lou Gehrig Youth Baseball and Softball League supports a zero tolerance philosophy when it comes to the behavior of it's athletes, their parents and our much appreciated volunteers.

All attendees of LGYBS activities are expected to show good sportsmanship as they observe and participate.  Foul language, disparaging remarks, confrontational behavior, and general intolerance of others will not be tolerated by the league.

The penalty for violating this standard will result in the removal of the offender from the field and expulsion from the complex.  Repeated offenses will be brought to the attention of the appropriate level coordinator and ultimately to the board of directors.

Managers, Coaches, Umpires, and Board Members are responsible for enforcing the Zero Tolerance rule and are in no way exempt from them. 

 Sportsmanship Code for Lou Gehrig Youth Baseball and Softball League

  • Develop a strong, clean, healthy body, mind and soul
  • Develop a strong urge for sportsman-like conduct
  • Develop understanding of and respect for the RULES
  • Develop courage in defeat, tolerance and modesty in victory
  • Develop control over emotions and speech
  • Develop spirit of cooperation and team play
  • Develop into real, true CITIZENS