Team Photos - June 1

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Time Level Team Game time
8:00am Major A Astros 8:15am
8:00am Major B A's 8:30am
8:15am SB Seniors Niagara 9:00am
8:15am SB Seniors UB 9:00am
8:30am BB Seniors  Michigan 9:00am
8:30am SB Minor B  UB 9:00am
8:30am SB Minor B  Niagara Univ.  9:00am
8:45am BB Seniors  Oklahoma St.  9:00am
8:45am BB Seniors  Texas A&M 9:00am
8:45am BB Seniors  LSU 9:00am
9:00am SB Minor B  Binghamton 10:15am
9:00am SB Minor B  St. Bona 10:15am
9:15am SB Minor B  Buff State No Game
9:15am SB Minor B  Georgia No Game
9:30am SB Minor B  Cornell No Game
9:30am SB Minor B  Oregon No Game
9:45am SB Minor B  RIT No Game
9:45am SB Minor B  Canisius No Game
10:00am SB Seniors Canisius 11:00am
10:15am BB Instruct Giants No Game
10:15am SB Juniors St. Bona No Game
10:45am BB Instruct Red Sox 5:30pm
10:45am BB Instruct Indians 5:30pm
11:00am BB Seniors  Kentucky 12:00pm
11:00am BB Seniors  Notre Dame 12:00pm
11:15am BB Instruct Pirates 4:00pm
11:15am BB Instruct Astros 4:00pm
11:30am 1A Astros 1:00pm
11:30am 2A A's  1:00pm
11:45am 2A Dodgers 1:00pm
11:45am BB Instruct White Sox 1:00pm
11:45am BB Instruct Dodgers 1:00pm
12:00pm 1A Red Sox 3:30pm
12:00pm 2A Yankees 3:30pm
12:15pm BB Instruct Cubs 2:30pm
12:15pm BB Instruct Yankees 2:30pm 
12:30pm Major B  Marlins 3:30pm
12:30pm BB Instruct Tigers No Game