Team Photos - May 4

If your team is not scheduled on May 4, your team will be scheduled on June 1.

**Instructional (BB and SB) and Seniors (BB and SB) will have their photos taken on June 1.

Here is the link to order photos 

All ordering will be completed online this year. Please order prior to the day of your scheduled photos to make the process go faster.

RAIN SCHEDULE (updated 5-3-19 @ 6:15 PM)

Time Level Team
8:00am Major B Dodgers
8:00am Major B Giants
8:15am SB Majors UB
8:15am SB Majors Buff State
8:30am Major C Braves
8:30am Major C Dodgers
8:45am SB Minors UB
8:45am SB Minors Oregon
9:00am SB Juniors  Buff State
9:00am SB Juniors  Canisius
9:30am Major A Yankees
9:30am Major A Mets
9:45am Major B Royals
9:45am Major B Angels
10:00am 2A Pirates
10:15am 1A  Diamondbacks
10:15am SB Majors NU
10:30am 1A Dodgers
10:30am Major C Padres
10:45am Major C  Astros
10:45am SB Juniors NU
11:00am SB Minor A NU
11:00am SB Minor A Buff State
11:15am SB Majors Canisius
11:15am SB Juniors St. Bona
12:30pm 2A Cubs
12:30pm 2A  Red Sox
12:30pm 1A Yankees
12:45pm 1A Rays
12:45pm SB Majors St. Bona
12:45pm SB Majors Cornell
1:00pm Major A Pirates
1:00pm Major A Orioles
1:00pm Major C Orioles
1:15pm Major C Phillies
1:15pm SB Minors Canisius
1:15pm SB Minors Cornell
1:30pm Major A A's
1:30pm 2A Astros
1:30pm 2A Indians
1:45pm 2A Rockies
1:45pm 2A Blue Jays
1:45pm Major C Mariners
2:00pm Major C Rockies
2:00pm Major B Red Sox
2:00pm Major B  Twins
2:15pm 2A Brewers
2:15pm 2A Reds
2:15pm 1A Rangers
2:30pm 1A Cardinals
2:30pm Major A Marlins
2:30pm Major A Red Sox
2:45pm Major C Nationals
2:45pm Major C Red Sox
2:45pm Major A Dodgers
3:00pm SB Minor A St. Bona
3:00pm SB Juniors UB