Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ Sheet) for 2018 LGYBS House League Baseball and Softball

1. How do I register for baseball or softball? 
IMPORTANT:  Do not use your secure login process
New and returning players can go to to register starting January 1, 2018.  Please pay by MasterCard or VISA. New and returning players should register on-line. Returning players can also use the link sent to them in a January 1, 2018 email.
2. What is the earliest age a child can play in baseball and softball at Lou Gehrig (LGYBS)

Our youngest age level is instructional (Tee-ball/coach pitch) baseball and instructional girls' softball (also referred to as the Softball Minor B level). The instructional level is typically a combination of tee-ball and coach pitch.

Baseball players must be five years of age by April 30, 2018.  The baseball calendar year for age determination of May 1 through April 30 follows the USA baseball and Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth season. LGYBS baseball is affiliated with the national Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Association. Although other organizations may start earlier, we believe five years is a good starting age.
Girls' softball begins at age five; however the calendar year is January 1 to December 30 as they are not affiliated with the national Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth organization. Softball players must be five by January 1st, 2018..
3. What are the fees?
Fees will increase $10 per player starting February 1st, 2018 and then by $10 per player on March 1st. So register early to lock in last year rates.
$115 for ages 5 & 6 for baseball and softball 
Registration fees for all other levels are as follows:

$ 165 first player in family ($175 starting February 1st, $185 starting March 1st)

$ 150 second player ($160 starting February 1st, $170 starting March 1st)
$ 100 third player ($110 starting February 1st, $120 starting March 1st)

$   50 fourth or subsequent players

Players who register and are NOT residents of the Town of Amherst will be charged a $25 non-resident fee.


There is also a concession stand obligation requiring parents to volunteer a single session of four hours of concession stand duty or other volunteer assignment per child during the season. We require a $65 check deposit that will be returned once the obligation is fulfilled. The check will not be cashed unless you miss the session you have scheduled.

There is an option to buy out your obligation for $65 per child. The maximum buy out charge regardless of the number of children will be $195. These fees apply only if you elect not to work the concession obligation as defined above.

Teams may individually decide to collect contributions for team parties, food/beverage tokens or trophies. These fees are at the discretion of the team. The league asks all house league teams to keep such fees reasonable.

Unlike other organizations that collect mandatory fundraising fees upfront, we do not collect such fees.  Our fees cover the cost of uniforms, field and complex maintenance, umpire costs and capital improvements.  Other organizations can rely on the town or municipality to maintain their fields.  Lou Gehrig fields are the responsibility of the league and while a significant cost to maintain, we count on your fees and corporate sponsorships to provide a well groomed and safe complex. 
4. Where is the Lou Gehrig field located?

The Lou Gehrig complex is located at Smith and Dann Road in East Amherst, NY 14051. The official address is 50 Dann Road East Amherst NY 14051. From Transit Road heading north, turn left onto Smith Road. From Millersport or New Road, heading north, turn right onto Smith Road. The complex includes 11 diamonds, a food and refreshment facility, batting cages, practice pitching mounds and a separate washroom facility.

No pet animals are allowed at the complex. Bicycles are not permitted on the walking paths. Skateboards and rollerblades are prohibited.

5. When does the season begin?

The 2018 calendar has not been finalized. Register early to reserve a spot.

Approximate key dates are as follows.

  • January/February - Registration
  • March – Manager selection/team selections/drafts for ages 9 and older
  • Early April – Player team assignment notification/Uniform distribution
  • Mid to Late April – Practices begin (weather permitting)/Complex clean-up
  • Early May – House regular season begins
  • Late June /Early July– regular season ends/playoffs begin
  • Early July – Playoffs end.

6. What is the time commitment?

There are generally 16-22 games scheduled (including playoffs) from Late April early July. Lower levels such as instructional and softball minor B schedule approximately 10-14 games. Rainouts are generally not rescheduled as the number of games scheduled factor in 3-6 rainouts per season. Games are generally two per week, one on the weekend and one during the week beginning the first week of May. We encourage managers to hold a reasonable number of practices prior to and during the season.

7. What are the playing division levels?

Softball Levels:

Softball is not affiliated with USA baseball and/or Babe Ruth Baseball and uses a January 1 cut-off date. Players must be 5 years of age by January 1, 2018 to participate.

Softball Minor  B:          2011-2012
Softball  Minor A :         2009-2010
Softball Majors:            2007-2008
Softball Juniors:            2005 - 2006
Softball Seniors:           1999-2004

Baseball Levels:

Lou Gehrig will follow the calendar year date of April 30 consistent to divisional levels. This means that the April 30 date will now determine the age appropriate level for the 2018 season.

The player's age level will be determined by their age as of April 30, 2018. For example, a player turning 9 years old on May 1, 2018 will be considered an eight year old.

* Our practice has been to have players play only one year of tee-ball at LGYBS and then move on to 1A (pitching machine/some coach pitch). We don't establish playing levels until the latter part of the registration season when we confirm all level assignments based on registration numbers at each level.

Instructional:  First time players ages 5 & 6: Coach Pitch/Tee-Ball
1A: Age 7; Machine Pitch / some coach pitch*
2A: Age 8; Machine Pitch with umpires/strikeouts

Major C: Age 9-10
Major B: 11; some higher skilled 10 year olds
Major A: 12; some higher skilled 11 year olds (70 ft diamond)
Seniors: Ages 13/14/15; (90 foot diamond)

8. Lou Gehrig Youth Baseball/Softball is now accepting players from the entire Town of Amherst as well as outside the Town of Amherst.

9. What equipment is needed?

Team uniforms include jersey and caps as part of the registration fee. Uniforms are yours to keep after the season ends. A glove is required and can be purchased at any major sporting goods or department store for approximately $20 for beginners 5-7 years to over $100 for higher quality professional gloves at the senior level. Most teams will require you purchase a pair of baseball pants ($8 to $20). Rubber baseball shoes ($10-$25) are strongly recommended. Metal spikes are only allowed at the Senior International level. Bats are provided by the teams but many players prefer to bring their own bat.

10. Can we request to play with friends?

Yes, up through age 8 and only for the same level. However we cannot guarantee that all requests will be honored although we will make reasonable efforts to do so. Therefore please designate no more than one player. It becomes more difficult to assemble teams if one of the players has been included with another person’s request. We must also consider the balance of competition when assembling these teams.

We also ask that you make sure that all parties prefer that the children be on the same team, not just the person making the request. By not requesting a specific set of teammates, one of the better experiences is having a chance to form new friendships.

Beginning at age 9, players are drafted round by round by managers to help balance the competition. Parent requests to have their child placed with another player are not considered unless the player is a sibling.

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