18/19U Tournament Rules

Lou Gehrig Tournament Rules and Policy’s


Important - All teams should be prepared to begin game play on Thursday at 3:30pm and/or 6:00pm.


Tournament Coordinator- A tournament coordinator will be on site at all times.  The tournament coordinator is responsible for making decisions regarding the weather before the game has begun. All decisions made by coordinators are final. NOTE: When the coin-flip is completed with the coaches and umpires, the umpires will be officially in charge of the playing field and from that moment they shall have sole authority to determine when a game shall be called or suspended on account of weather or the condition of the playing field. The Umpires and Tournament Coordinator will work together in resuming play. All decisions made by the umpires and Tournament Coordinator will be FINAL.

Rosters- Rosters must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the event by email.  Please use the Excel rosters that were sent to you in previous communications.  Players may only be on one roster per age division and may not change teams in the same age division during the course of the tournament. Rosters and waivers will be checked and finalized two (2) days prior to tournaments start. Rosters will be available for all team managers to view, upon request to the Tournament Director, by that team’s manager. No player may be added to the roster for any reason once the tournament has begun.

Birth Certificates- Birth certificates do not have to be submitted via mail, however coaches MUST HAVE copies of all players birth certificates on hand at all tournament games. Any issues regarding a player’s age MUST BE addressed by a coach prior to or during a tournament game.  Questioning a player’s age following the completion of a game is NOT an acceptable form of protest.  Birth Certificates will be checked and certified upon your arrival to your first tournament game. NOTE: Any team violating this rule will automatically receive a forfeit for such game and any other game (said player) had played in previously. The violating team will also be subject to any other disciplinary actions taken by the Tournament Committee.

Age Requirements – Players may not be over age 19 on or before May 1, 2011.
If an “illegal” player is found to be playing, the team will automatically forfeit all games the illegal player participated in.If a manager is found to have used illegal ball players, The manager will be suspended for three (3) games. If a second offense occurs, he will be permanently expelled from the Tournament.

• Game time is forfeit time under normal circumstances. Please have your team warmed up and ready to play.

• A 10-minute infield for each team may be allowed before the first game of the day. If time permits after ground crews prep the field, a short infield may be allowed in between other games provided the start time is not affected.

• Three Baseballs will be provided for each game. Teams may need to provide additional balls. Please have your teams retrieve foul balls on your side of the field.

·       No Batting practice allowed on any Lou Gehrig fields at anytime during the tournament.

 NO Hard Ball SOFT TOSS into fences.  Wiffle ball soft toss and portable soft toss nets are permitted providing it can be done safely.

Dugout Rule- Only 3 coaches and 1 manager will be permitted in each dugout.  No parents, scorekeepers, children or batboys will be allowed in dugouts at any time. Failure to comply with this rule will result in suspension of play and possible ejection or forfeit unless rectified.

Home/Visiting Team:  In tournament pool play home and visitor will be decided by a coin flip.   During playoffs and Championship rounds the higher seed will be the home team.

Avoiding Contact/Sliding Rule- Contact must be avoided.  If contact is not avoided the base runner will be called out.  If an umpire decides a players approach to a base or home plate is malicious the base runner may be ejected from the game.

Mercy Rule 10 runs after 5 complete innings for all pool and playoff games.
Home team, if losing, is always given opportunity to bat before mercy rule can be applied

Time Limits

• Pool play games have a 2 hour and 15 minute limit (from the scheduled start time. If previous game overlaps into your scheduled start time due to weather or other unforeseen delays the current games start time is declared at first pitch by home plate umpire). No new inning can be started after the time limit has been reached. However, the current inning in progress will be completed if it is necessary to determine the outcome of the game. In pool play games if the score is tied and the time limit has elapsed, the game will end in a tie. Extra Inning(s) will be played only if time remains in the 2:15min curfew.  The 10 run mercy rule applies to all pool play games.

Tie Breakers- The following system will be used for advancing and seeding out of pool play.
Pool play - each division winner moves on to playoff round. The remaining teams will be seeded by using the following format.

Pool play overall record (winning percentage) Win=1 Tie=1/2 Loss=0 divided by games played.

** (IF TEAM HOLDS WINS OVER TEAMS IT IS TIED WITH, THAT TEAM AUTOMATICALLY ADVANCES) ex. a, b, c are tied by record, but a has beaten b & c, a automatically advances, then follow 2 way tie for remaining 2 teams) USED WITH POOL FORMAT

• Semi Final games have a 2 hour and 30 minute limit (from the scheduled start time. If previous game overlaps into your scheduled start time due to weather or other unforeseen delays the current games start time is declared at first pitch by home plate umpire). If the game is still tied at the time limit, the International Tie Breaker rule will be used (place last out of the last inning at second base), 1 out on the batting team. Play full innings until the tie is broken. Mercy rule still applies.

• Championship game will have no time limit. No tie breaker rule. Game must be played to completion to determine a winner. Mercy rule still applies.

Between Innings- Players are expected to hustle on and off the field at all times.  Pitchers are permitted to throw 8 warm-up pitches in there first inning of work and 5 in each inning there-after.  If a catcher is putting his gear on it is expected that another player (wearing mask) will warm-up the pitcher.  Coaches are also permitted to warm up the pitcher, it is not mandatory that coaches wear a mask for warm-ups.  Pitchers that enter game due to an injury will receive additional warm-up pitches at the umpire’s discretion.

Intentional Delays- Intentionally delaying a game is unsportsmanlike and will not be tolerated.  The umpire as well as the tournament coordinator reserves the right to eject players and/or coaches do to intentional delay.

 Official Regulation Game Procedures:  16-19U will play seven (7) innings)
If a game is called due to weather, darkness  or any other reason, it is a regulation game when the following occurs.
- When five (5) innings have been completed or the visiting team has completed five (5) at bat innings and the home team is ahead.

SUSPENDED GAMES: If a started tournament game is suspended (for any reason), the game must be replayed from its point of interruption. If a game has been able to play the minimum of five (5) innings before being interrupted, the game will be considered official. NOTE: If a suspended game DOES NOT complete one (1) full inning, that particular game will be re-played in its entirety.

Comments: Championship games must be played in its entirety and will be considered a suspended game, with the game resuming from the point of interruption. Mercy Rule Applies

Every effort within reason will be made to complete games if weather should interfere.

• If games are rained out, they may not be able to be made up. If teams don’t play an equal amount of games, winning percentage using points system will determine standings. We will reformat the tournament format as needed.

Lineup Cards- Each team must provide their own line-up cards.  A copy MUST be given to the opposing team as well as the umpire prior to each game. Lineup cards must include all rostered players name and uniform number.

Jewelry- For safety reasons players are not permitted to wear earrings or exposed metallic jewelry during the games. Medical alert jewelry will be an exception. 

Maximum Number of Players-Teams may roster a maximum of 21 players and 4 coaches. Teams must at all times have a minimum of one (1) Adult coach in the dug-out.

Pitching Rules - There are no pitching restrictions. Please use good judgment. Pitcher Visits: Standard MLB rules apply. The pitcher must be replaced on the second (2nd) trip to the mound in any inning.

Bat Restrictions- All Bats must be Wood only. (No Composite)

Intentional Walk- Pitcher must throw four (4) balls for an intentional walk.

Intentional Forfeits- Forfeits will be handled on a case by case basis, but will always be marked as a 7-0 score.  Please keep in mind that teams are paying to play their games, not to take forfeits.  Forfeits jeopardize the integrity of the tournament, as well as the team that is forfeiting. Intentional forfeits are grounds for team suspensions from future events. In the event that an intentional forfeit plays a role in playoff seeding or playoff entry the Tournament Director reserves a right to make judgment on which team advances.

Lineups - (Team managers may use the following options when choosing line-ups)
1. - A Team may bat a 9 defensive player line up.
2. - A team may use a nine (9) player line-up, with the option of batting a designated hitter (DH).    The DH may bat only for the pitcher. The DH is must be declared when lineup is submitted. If a DH goes into the field, the DH is eliminated for the rest of that game.

3. - A Teams may use an extra hitter (EH) with the following restrictions: The EH must bat last and cannot enter the game defensively. The EH cannot be eliminated in the event of an injury.

Note: The DH and EH can be use simultaneously.

 RE-ENTRY RULE: Any of the nine starting players may withdraw and re-enter once, provided such player occupies the same batting position whenever he is in the line-up. A substitute who is withdrawn may not re-enter.  A new substitute may replace a substitute and the starting player may still re-enter for the substitute. The starting pitcher is governed by the provisions of Official Baseball Rule 3.05.

NOTE: If a player re-enters illegally as a pitcher, fielder, or runner, there is no penalty except he must be removed from the game immediately when discovered. If he re-enters illegally as a batter, such illegal re-entry is penalized according to Official Baseball Rule 6.07, Batting Out Of Order.

If the pitcher is removed from the game because of a second trip in the same inning, he may re-enter the game in any position with the exception of pitcher, if he was one of the nine starting players as long as the Batting Order is not affected.

Note: Line-ups MUST be given to the opposing team Manger and home plate umpire before each game. All Players must be listed on the initial line up cards.  Once line-ups are exchanged, they will be official throughout the game and if any player in that said line-up gets injured, ejected or removed from the game for any other reason, and no substitute is available, an out will be recorded each time that position in the batting order is reached. Teams must finish the game with the same number of batters as it started with.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.  In the event the loss of player is as a result of an on field ejection and no substations are available, a forfeit with a score of 7-0 will be declared.

• Courtesy Runners - Courtesy runners are for the pitcher and catcher of record and can be used at any point in the game. The catcher and pitcher of record will be defined as follows: In the top half the first inning, it is the player assigned that position on the official score card. For all subsequent innings, it is the player who occupied the Catcher’s or Pitchers position when the last defensive out was made. The Courtesy Runner is encouraged, but not mandatory. Teams may select any player not currently in the lineup as the courtesy runner for the pitcher and catcher. The same player can not run for both the pitcher and catcher in the same inning.

Have your Courtesy Runner ready to go when needed. Stopping the game to get your runner in place is not an appropriate use of this rule.

 • Coaches/ Players Dress Code- Coaches are not required to wear full uniforms during tournament play.  Coaches must be dressed appropriately while on the field of play or in dugouts.  Coaches must wear clothing that distinguishes them from other parents and spectators.  Coaches that fail to comply with this policy will be restricted from the dugout area.  Players are all expected to be in matching uniforms with uniform numbers. The uniform shall consist of baseball shirt, baseball pants, and baseball cap. Players must wear spikes or all-purpose sports shoes.  Players who do not have a matching jersey with number will not be permitted to participate, unless authorized by the tournament committee, or tournament director.

NOTE: Players or Coaches ARE NOT PERMITTED to stand outside the dugout at anytime during the game unless they are coaching first or third base while on offense.

• The umpires are in charge of the game. Their decision on any judgment call will be final. A rule interpretation can be discussed with the tournament director. Once a ruling is made on the field it CAN NOT be protested. An umpire’s judgment calls CAN NOT be protested and will not be over turned.
Tournament official ruling will be final with no opportunity for appeal.

Suspension- Any player, coach parent or spectator that is ejected from a game must leave the confines of the park immediately and is ejected at minimum from the current game and their team next scheduled game, and will also be subject to permanent suspension by the Lou Gehrig Tournament Committee. The tournament Committee reserves the right to remove/eject any person from the location for any unlawful or unsportsmanlike behavior. Any player, coach parent or spectator that is ejected for the second time, during the same tournament, will be eliminated for the remainder of the tournament

• There is a ZERO- TOLERANCE policy at all Lou Gehrig Fields and Tournaments.
Managers are responsible for the actions of their coaches, players, and fans at all times.



If an event is cancelled for any reason prior to the start of the tournament, teams will receive a full refund.

Inclement Weather Policy- Each team will be required to give a valid mobile phone number for text alerts regarding weather and other delays. Tournament schedule may change without notice in case of issues with the weather.

In the event any item is not covered in the rules, the tournament committee will make the final decision.


Tournament schedules & additional information will be provided via email to all head coaches and contact when they are final. All teams should be prepared to start at 3:30pm on Thursday.  Please call or E-mail me at.      if you have any questions or comments.

Admission- Admission to the Lou Gehrig Wood Bat Challenge is free of charge.  We encourage family, friends and other spectators at all our events.

*Tournament Format, Rules and Policies are subject to change prior to the start of the tournament.  Any changes will be communicated with to the Managers with as much advance notice as possible.

**The tournament director reserves the right to alter and/or make any changes necessary to ensure completion of the tournament in the allotted time.

No Alcohol or Tobacco Products- The use of all tobacco products, including smokeless, is prohibited. This includes players, managers, coaches, umpires, and all game personnel.